Subtle & Beyond Organization

For Students

For Students

Duration: 4 Days, Daily 2 hrs and 30 mins. [Theory+Practical]

Distinguish the reality; you can come out from any situation.

During this training program, we intentionally pay special attention to what questions they have at that age and the changes in their minds according to that age. Confusion in the mind, fear of the future, pressure of exams, it will be explained how to handle this.


The aim of this course is to acquaint with inner personality & change logic. Participants will develop ability to deal effectively with short and long term stressful situations, good health, success life, good relationship, increase concentration of mind, confidence, will power and improve creativity skills.


The course will also be included overall personality, team building, goal setting, time management, body language, short and long term goal, problem solving skills and more important participants will maintain physical & mental balance.


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Course Content

  • Mind [Conscience, Subconscious]
  • How to use Subconscious tools of influence
  • Increased self awareness & confidence
  • Develop Ability to deal effectively with short and long term stressful situations
  • Increased Physical & Mental balance
  • Make strong your Will power
  • Increased Concentration of mind
  • Improve your Time management
  • How to achieve Goal (setting)
  • Improve your Body language
  • Improve Creativity skills
  • Meditation for relaxation