Subtle & Beyond Organization

Holographic Design

Holographic Design

Duration: 4 days, 10.30am to 5.00pm

We are perfect beings, born in perfect world…..

We are born to manifest the glory of the creation that is present in each one of us. The creation is perfect, so we are. It’s choice in interpreting that cause the perfect or imperfect


We, human are holographic by design, for some reason we got disconnected from this basic design. Our attempt through this conference is to have you re-connect with the basic structure of the human. 

It includes:

  • Accessing one’s subtle vision
  • Making decisions ‘coming from the future’
  • Balancing abstract and concrete
  • Defining one’s intent causing clarity in speaking and thinking
  • Evolving ways to heal oneself and others
  • Communicating to create expansiveness
  • Checking validity of information received
  • Creating tools to make a perfect choice
  • Including subtle all times
  • Distinguishing what it is to ‘be choice’
  • Building capacity to accept others
  • Awareness with system