Subtle & Beyond Organization



Duration: 4 Days, Daily 3 Hours, [Theory + Practical]

Ignorance about ‘mind’ alone is the cause of all sufferings.

Life can be made very easy, if we choose knowingly, otherwise it is dilemma and a heavy burden to carry along. Also the clarity about, who is the creator of your life, is the most important awareness for every individual. It’s non other than your own self. If we are our own creator, then, what can be the reason for our problems?… indeed, we are not connecting with our own system; our own self.


Therefore, friends come and join us, to make us aware about our own system; our own self……. this connecting of individuals is, what is known as relationships.


Life is a gift, and all of us who have the capacity, must always be aware and alert about the life we are living, and what we feel and think and dream. Are we living our life or just existing, like a rock or a piece of dead wood?


Are your relationships fulfilling, meaningful and loving…… for all your relationships shape, as we think about them…… to know how to connect with yourself and to evolve a meaningful relationships.


Please join Tarachand Jaisingpure now…….. And enjoy the quality of life you always wanted.

Course Content

  • Identify the barriers in couple relation and overcome them
  • Child development
  • Self importance
  • Recognize Responsibility and change your life
  • Observing our emotions is tool to make good relation
  • Identify your Thought process
  • Avoid misunderstanding by recognizing Effective words and feelings
  • How to Make Love All the Time
  • Expression
  • Buildup your Relation (couple) Clarity in Thought form
  • Meditation with stages