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Advanced Meditation

Advanced Meditation

7 days course daily 90 minutes

Ignorance about ‘mind’ alone is the cause of all sufferings.

Sleep is an unconscious meditation, meditation is a conscious sleep; in sleep, we get limited energy and in meditation, we get abundant energy. This energy enhances power of our body, mind and intellect it opens the door for our six senses and beyond, it also help to rich to better hike in the physical realm.

  • Meditation is part of life, not something different from life.
  • MEDITATION is to find out if there is a field which is not already contaminated by the known.
  • IN MEDITATION one has to find out whether there is an end to knowledge and so freedom from the known.
  • MEDITATION is the total release of energy.
  • Meditation is a state of mind which looks at everything with complete attention, totally, not just parts of it.

Meditation is nothing but journey to of our consciousness toward the self. In meditation we consciously travel from body to mind, mind to intellect, intellect to self and beyond.


Always know and remember that you are “more than your physical body.”

What you get from this meditation course?

  • Silence
  • Relaxation
  • Awareness with our system
  • Science of Inner journey
  • Enlightenment
  • Being-ness
  • Movement in the ecstasy of truth