Subtle & Beyond Organization



Duration: 4 Days, Daily 3 Hours, Theory + Practical

The snow goose need not bathe – to make itself white. Neither need you do anything but be yourself.

Subtle And Beyond Organization, works with you, for a specific period of time, as per the desired developmental objectives of an individual, or group of individuals, in pursuit of achieving their subtle vision.


We also provide practice in giving sufficient directions, instructions & training to a individual or group of individuals, so as to achieve some goals/objective or even developing specific skills.


Human being is always with the creation, there is no way without the creation, but unawareness about the creation, can cause immense damage to an individual / group of individuals, and their lives. When life is damaged, human beings fight with the images (created and accepted by their mind); there is no result, only confusion, and stagnation and it all end in idiocracy.

Evolving way to heal self and others

The significant problem we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them – Albert Einstein, just evolve self for move to forward.


Checking validity of information received

Information is life a circular tube with many furrows leading to different dimensions of knowledge and maximum information come from negative aspect so we will have to sharpen our checking weapon regarding information because information is based for future.


Developing beingness

Discovering your talent is not enough, it’s just the beginning toward the beingness.


Including subtle at all times

Subtle dimension is way to expanding our life span so we will have to connect with our subtle sense / vision.