Subtle & Beyond Organization

Mind & Body Co-relation

Mind & Body Co-relation

Duration: 4 Days, Daily 3 Hours, Theory + Practical

Ignorance about ‘mind’ alone is the cause of all sufferings.

The course focuses on the mind structure to improve alertness and clarity about life. The aim of this course is to see life transparently and to meet our self. [Your real life]


The first day has to do with conscious & subconscious mind, most of us are familiar with super powers but fundamental questions are where it is? How to use it? During the course participants will acquainted with this power.


The ambition is that the participants will develop ability to deal effectively with short and long term stressful situations, addiction, good relationship, increased concentration of mind.


The second day of the course takes up you to real cause and effect of subconscious mind, to understand good health, success life, improve creativity skills. The conscious mind and subconscious mind really solves our problem or we have to go beyond that.  Once we aware the root cause of these, we can easily overcome it. 


Third day will be devoted to individual, participant can sharpen his willpower, increase confidence, maintain balanced weight, good habits, improve memory power, physical strength and more important participants will maintain their peacefulness and calmness.


Fourth day, We get to the point where we think life is really beautiful.